Mascato Youth Choir

Artistic Management

Mascato Youth Choir-76

Theo Cookson
Musical Director & Conductor

A product of Ena Venter herself, Theo Cookson was a member of the Mascato Youth Choir since 2000 and was the Assistant Choir Conductor for six years. He has had a passion for choral music since his school days and is a talented singer, having attended various international workshops in choral singing and conducting. He worked as Choir Director for a variety of productions with a couple of them staged at the National Theatre of Namibia. In 2012, he was appointed Musical Director of the Ena Venter Choral Trust and Conductor of the Mascato Youth Choir, Mascato Singers and the Bank Windhoek Kalahari Ensemble.


Vera Malherbe
Choir Accompanist

Vera Malherbe graduated from Stellenbosch University with a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano. She also holds the Performers Licenciates in piano from Trinity College London and Unisa. She was a high school music teacher in Cape Town before starting her career in Namibia. Under the guidance of Ena Venter she taught music at Windhoek High School and was the school choir accompanist. She later became a lecturer in piano at the College of the Arts. Vera currently lives at the coast and is a private music teacher. She is the accompanist for Mascato Youth Choir an the Mascato Singers. She has toured extensively with the latter.



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