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Ena Venter Choral Trust

The Ena Venter Choral Trust has been formally constituted to serve as the umbrella body for the Mascato Youth Choir and the Mascato Singers.

Named after the first musical director, Ena Venter, who has subsequently retired due to ill health, the trust is managed by a board of trustees chaired by Mr. Danie Malherbe of D. F.  Malherbe and Partners; vice-chaired by  Madam Monika von Wietersheim of the Swakopmund Bureau & Systemic Constellation and the treasurer, Mrs. Margaret Coetzee of Prestige Accounting and Tax Services.


About Ena Venter…

Ena Venter started her career in Namibia by teaching at the Suiderhof Primary School in Windhoek. She then worked as a lecturer and head of department (HoD) at the College of the Arts, and as a music teacher and HoD at Windhoek High School. She taught music as a matric subject, as well as being the conductor of the Windhoek High School Choir which, on several occasions, represented Namibia at choral events in the Republic of South Africa.

She was also the conductor of the Windhoek Children’s Choir which undertook a tour of Israel, and was highlighted by an invitation by the Israeli Minister of Tourism, to perform in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve. As a choir leader of the Windhoek Youth Choir, Ena Venter’s exploits locally and in South Africa were always well received.

Since her own school days, Ena Venter took a very special interest in choir music. She constantly studied choral music and choir techniques and routinely attended international workshops. This interest, hard work and dedication led to her being selected as a member of the steering committee tasked with establishing the South African Choral Society.

Ena Venter spearheaded the inception and establishment of the Mascato Youth Choir. During her retirement she tirelessly devoted all her attention to the choir since its inception in 1996, and it is an inalienable fact the choir would have not existed if not for her passionate exploits.

Ena Venter Choral Trust


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