Mascato Youth Choir


The Mascato Youth Choir, established in Swakopmund in 1996 by Ena Venter, a retired music teacher from Windhoek, serves as a  gateway into an adventurous new world for many young singers simply know as Mascatos.


When music tuition no longer formed part of the formal school curriculum, Ena Venter stepped into the breach. Thus began a period of intense musical activity, with well over 2 000 young people learning valuable new skills.


During a period of 16 years, this choir has left an indelible imprint on their communities and gained experience on a global stage, as well as by means of international concert tours and interaction with choirs of many nations. This disciplined and talented young choir has performed for visiting heads of state, foreign dignitaries and for tourist groups.


They have now been joined by the Mascato Singers and the Bank Windhoek Kalahari Ensemble to add lustre to an enduring musical heritage.

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