Mascato Youth Choir

Mascato Youth Choir

Those who sing together – stay together.


The Mascato Youth choir is a celebration of cultural diversity as the 120 members with ages ranging from 13 to 18 years form a harmonious role.


Whether performing in a concert hall in Dresden or for a group of tourists in the awesome beauty of the Namib Desert – their songs resonate with audiences everywhere.


In this historic town of Swakopmund there is a sparkle in the desert air as choir members learn new skills and broaden their scope of activities. They become choir conductors, compose and arrange music; learn to play an instrument, and play a role in musical productions.


Being a member of the Mascato ‘family’ means many things. One of the priorities is that scholastic achievement and musical excellence should go hand in hand. Parents and teachers are involved in various aspects of the choir.


A team spirit like no other reigns supreme as Mascatos travel long distances, some from as far afield as Windhoek, Otjiwarongo and Omaruru to attend rehearsals and concerts.


Instilling values like integrity, self-discipline, dedication and loyalty has far-reaching effects on these young singers as they learn to face the future with confidence in their abilities.

Mascato Youth Choir


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