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Daniel Francois Malherbe
Trustee and Chair of the Ena Venter Choral Trust

Daniel Francois Malherbe is a legal practitioner and a senior partner of the law firm D.F. Malherbe & Partners at the coast. He supports the objectives of the Ena Venter Choral Trust and believes that the legacy of Ena Venter will continue and positively influence the lives of many young Namibians in future. He is hopeful and believes that the Ena Venter Choral Trust will contribute and play an important role to assist the choir to continue its good work.


Monika G. von Wietersheim
Trustee and Vice-Chair of the Ena Venter Choral Trust

Monika G. von Wietersheim holds a BA in Psychology & History. She operates Swakopmund Bureau & Systemic Constellations as an independent bookkeeper for well-established companies. At the same time she is an internationally accredited systemic coach & family constellation facilitator and trainer, registered at the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Systemaufsteller (DGfS) as well as at the Systemic Constellation Association (ISCA).


Margaret Coetzee
Trustee and Treasurer of the Ena Venter Choral Trust

Margaret Coetzee is a Computer Programmer turned Systems Analyst by profession. She was an accountant at the National Theatre of Namibia, and spent 9 years in the employ of one of the largest auditing firms in Namibia.  Using her programming background in combination with her bookkeeping knowledge, she successfully developed and launched her own small commercial bookkeeping software package in 2008. During her school years, she sang in various choirs and also received piano tutoring from Ena Venter.  In 1993 she toured Egypt and Europe with the Cantare Audire Choir, taking part in an international choral competition in France. Margaret is currently the Practice Manager of Prestige Accounting and Tax Services in Swakopmund and the official bookkeeper of Mascato Youth Choir.


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